"AERODYNAMICS" will finally have its WORLD PREMIERE at Louisville, Kentucky's Fright Night Film Fest on Sunday, July 28th. Fright Night is one of the country's largest genre festivals and this year's line-up features such guests as William Shatner, Gillian Anderson, Stan Lee and several Walking Dead cast--

I’ll keep updating this website when I get word of additional 2013 festival screenings.

In music video news...

The André Obin "VALENCIA" music video won Best Music Video at this year's SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival! This was my 5th year in SENE and my 3rd win (Audience Award in 2009, Best Regional Music Video in 2012). Much thanks to SENE for their continued support!


"AERODYNAMICS" shortrun promo DVD's have been distributed to Cast, Crew & Film Supporters. If you think you’re in line for one, contact Ted @ theodore.cormey[at]

The film is being submitted this year to (50+) genre and regional film festivals. It has already been submitted to—

"VALENCIA" (André Obin Music Video) was a Best Music Video nominee for the 2012 Boston Music Awards.

It has been accepted by SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival and will screen as part of the festival’s music video program on Wed, April 24th 6:30PM. Full program details can be found here


André Obin’s “VALENCIA” music video debuting this month:

This was a music video I produced/directed for Vanya Records. An earlier version sneak-previewed this past spring at both Boston Underground Film Festival and the “VALENCIA” 7” record release party. Much thanks to all crew, especially Director Of Photography, Steve Sherrick. And hearty, extended gratitude to André himself for his commitment to this monumental effort. What started as a simple $500 iPhone/archival war footage video last spring, quickly morphed into a beast of gargantuan proportions involving much travel time and running…lots and lots of running (often in quite painful boots).

Watch this space for future screenings and music video-related announcements.

Soundwork for “AERODYNAMICS” has resumed. All DVD Extras work will also be completed in the months to come and final DVD will be delivered to cast and crew for the film’s 10th! anniversary.


The “AERODYNAMICS” DVD release has been pushed back until June 2012 to coincide with the 10 year anniversary of the initial round of aborted 2002 Lowell principal photography.

In music video news—

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’s “EPISODE 1: ARRIVAL” music video was named Number 6 in TIME Magazine’s “Top 10 Creative Videos of 2011.” You can see the write-up here.

Principal photography has begun on Andre Obin’s “VALENCIA” music video. The video shot for 6 days in MetroWest, Vermont, Canada & the South Shore. An additional weekend of filming will conclude in late February with the final video premiering in conjunction with Vanya Records 7” release ala Spring 2012.

Here’s a sneak peek image from “VALENCIA” shoot:


Peter Moore continues with final sound design/sound mix of “AERODYNAMICS”. Colby Peterson also does additional color correction.

The ”AERODYNAMICS” DVD Extras will include:

In music video news—

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’s “EPISODE 1: ARRIVAL” screened at POP Montreal on Sept. 24, 2011.

The video concluded a successful summer campaign that included premieres on MTV’s United Kingdom, Latin America & Australia.

Box Five music video #1 a.k.a. “MY HANDS GAVE WAY” has been completed. Video #2 is scheduled to shoot in Spring 2012.


The “AERODYNAMICS” DVD will feature numerous DVD Extras such as stills, storyboards, fundraiser behind-the-scenes footage & much more. Look for it this fall.

In music video news—

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’s “EPISODE 1: ARRIVAL” music video had its on-line premiere via Magnet Magazine on June 9th. You can see the completed video (+ check out the side x side comparison with its Prisoner source material) here—

Lost Jockey Productions is also happy to announce pre-production has begun on Box Five’s “My Hands Gave Way”/”Today Is The Day” 2-part music video. Shooting begins late July.


Final sound design/re-mix for “AERODYNAMICS” is slated for early Spring 2011. A nine year commemorative edition DVD of the film will also be completed at that time.

And in music video news…

The third music video for Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women, “YOU ARE I AM”, will premiere at Boston Underground Film Festival on Saturday, March 26th as part of the “Where The Music’s At” music video program. The program will re-play on Tuesday, March 29th. Full schedule times, details can be found on the BUFF website at

There will be a limited number of “WINTERTHRU” Compilation DVD’s available at both screenings ( featuring the trio of LJP commissioned music videos from Ad’s Your Secrets Are Mine Now album plus a plethora of DVD Extras).

QRO Magazine will debut “YOU ARE I AM” on-line by month’s end.


Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’s “ARRIVAL” music video will have its official world premiere at Portmeiricon (annual The Prisoner convention) in North Wales, England in April 2011. And don’t be surprised if a Sneak Preview makes its way into the aforementioned BUFF screening as well.


Ad Frank & FEW’s “WINTERTHRU” music video will screen at SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival in Providence on Friday, April 8th. Full festival screening details can befound here:


“AERODYNAMICS” will be re-cut by Hemlock Post & FX (Waltham, MA). Looking to trim the film to a more film festival-friendly 20-22 minute running time. Additional sound design and re-mix is also slated, with support from local sound guru, Peter Moore (Count Zero).

And in music video news…

Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women’s performance video for “MAN ON FIRE” will debut on-line over the July 4th holiday weekend.

Lost Jockey is also in pre-production on “ARRIVAL”, the inaugural music video for the band, Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.


Hello. And welcome to the website for the only independent science-fiction/African-American ventriloquist dummy film, “AERODYNAMICS”!

Here's what's new:

You will also find the MUSIC VIDEO section revamped with recent 2009 work for Sarah RabDAU & The Self-Employed Assassins as well as upcoming Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women.


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say resounding THANK YOU! to all those who attended the October 9, 2008 "AERODYNAMICS" Fundraiser/Sneak Preview Party as well as those who contributed above and beyond. The film garnered a great reception plus the evening raised $1200 for final post-production costs. The film has been submitted to Slamdance and SXSW deadline looms on the late fall horizon—fingers crossed on both of those crucial submissions.

I also wanted to extend information to those who were unable to attend re. monetary donations. I'll continue with letter-writing campaign throughout the fall to solicit the remaining $4000+ in outstanding post-production costs (not counting final soundwork). And will continue to channel my dayjob monies into this last lap of post-production. However, if you're interested in making a charitable, tax deductable contribution to "AERODYNAMICS", you can do so via the film's fiscal sponsor—

Central Productions
P.O. Box 381355
Cambridge, MA 02138

Please make checks out to "Central Productions" and please include your full contact information so Central Productions can mail you confirmation paperwork, including their IRS 501 (c)3 determination letter with Tax ID# for your tax deduction!

Again, thanks one and all for the support. 2009 promises to be an industrious year on the film festival circuit! Please spread the word about the film and stay tuned for further details.

Theodore Cormey
Lost Jockey Productions

P.S. "AERODYNAMICS" now has its own myspace page. Become a friend of the film at


Film, Music, and Socializing at Rumor Nightclub, October 9th

BOSTON, MA - On Thursday, October 9th, Boston production company Lost Jockey Productions will host a fundraising event for director Theodore Cormey’s latest film, “AERODYNAMICS.” Open to the public, the event will debut the film’s trailer and selected examples of Cormey’s recent music video work before the main event: a sneak preview of the completed film.

The event will start at 6:30 pm at Rumor nightclub, at 100 Warrenton Street in Boston’s Theatre District. Guests can sample hors d’oeuvres, enjoy a cash bar, hear live music by local musicians Ad Frank, Sarah Rabdau, and Annette Farrington, plus win raffle prizes. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $12 or RSVP @ for $10. All monies raised will help offset final editing costs plus finance the film’s entry at upcoming film festivals.

A puppet fable with a fresh twist, “AERODYNAMICS” details the eleventh-hour mission of Lil' Moe, the first African-American ventriloquist dummy in space, and his estranged relationship with his ex-partner and ventriloquist, Willy Jefferson. Lensed in a replicated mission control station at the McAuliffe Challenger Learning Center, the film emulates the black-and-white style of a vintage sci-fi television show such as The Outer Limits.

“AERODYNAMICS” was written, produced, and directed by Theodore Cormey, a Boston-based filmmaker who has also directed the shorts “LANDFALL!” (2004) and “PAULIE” (2003). His 1999 feature film, “WHAT I DID WHEN I WAS AWAY”, screened at Park City’s No Dance, Boston Underground, and Woods Hole as well as several local and national film festivals.



Additional newsreel footage and pick-up shots were filmed on May 28 & June 2 at Improv Boston in Central Square, Cambridge. Featured performers included Peter Berkrot (PBS “Frontline”) and Lonnie Farmer (Gone Baby Gone).

Michael Bilotta of Shibboleth Pictures is in negotiations to assist with After Effects work for post-production esp. Model FX sequences. However, the search is still on for a new, full-time Final Cut Pro Editor with strong sound design/mix experience.

The re-scheduled film fundraiser is now set for early September 2008. All donations will go toward final post-production expenses for film as Lost Jockey Productions targets the 2009 film festival circuit.


Final Model FX lensed over Memorial Day weekend at Gemini Company studios in Brooklyn, NY. The three days of shooting included some of the more elaborate effects sequences such as launch pad, Space Jellyfish, and Independence shuttle space exteriors.

Additional editing/sound work continued over Summer & Fall 2007. A trailer is being cut for year-end and will be posted on-line.

Kevin Clay (News Editor, WERS 88.9 FM) and Alexandra Rousseau (WZBC 90.3FM) contributed voice-over talent to opening Newscaster/pre-launch montage. Voice-overs were recorded this September at the WERS studios at Emerson College.

An additional day of shooting is tentatively scheduled for November 2007 (also for Newscaster/pre-launch montage).

A Spring 2008 fundraiser is being planned to off-set remaining $10,000 needed to complete “AERODYNAMICS”.


Over a dozen "AERODYNAMICS" DVD screeners and Q&A Sheets were mailed to various film, theatre, fine arts professionals in late 2006. The resulting feedback will be useful in assessing film "final cut".

Final Model FX have been re-scheduled for May 2007. An additional day of 2nd Unit shooting is also under consideration.

A 5 min. clip of "AERODYNAMICS" is being submitted to the upcoming Spielberg/ FOX reality show, "ON THE LOT" (yes, it's a lottery... but ya never know!).